Fur parents DO count as real parents

I usually read blogs when I have some free time or when I’d like more knowledge on something. I mostly enjoy reading blogs about dogs and other animals and their success stories. My favourite site to read is Petco.com because it’s a user friendly site that allows people to create discussions and read other people’s blogs of their life with their pets.

I came across a website the other day called www.bluntmoms.com where moms can write about anything and everything. The blog that I read was about how Pet moms are not actual moms because our pets didn’t come from our ovaries and that we should call ourselves “Pet Owners” instead.

To me, fur parents and pet owners mean the same thing.

Our pets may have not been made by us, but we “pet parents” are still considered their parents. People shouldn’t think that we can’t be categorized as parents just because it didn’t come from us.

Would it be fair to tell a person who adopts a child, takes care of it, raises it, not a parent? As Oprah Winfrey quotes “Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother”.

oprah winfrey quote

In most ways, having a pet is like having a kid – you feed them, make memories together and you love them. That’s why some call themselves pet moms or dads. They treat their dogs as family and to some, that’s the only family they have. Some people who have dogs and cats as pets are not able to have babies of their own, that’s why they treat their pets as their babies. Whether you agree with me or not, people shouldn’t de-categorize someone or something right away. We should try to understand why we call ourselves certain names or are certain things.



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