Social Media Marketing in a week by Nick Smith Review

social media marketing book cover

In this training book called Social Media Marketing In a Week by Nick Smith, teaches its readers ways to be successful in social media marketing in a week.

Personally, I love these seven day strategy books because I like to read things straight to the point. I don’t like reading a book that says too much about a subject just to fill up the pages. I also prefer a timeline placed for my reads because I want to have deadlines of where in the book I should be in.

In the introduction of this book, Nick explains his goals and tells us who this book is for. He mentioned that this tutorial was for people who are beginners in the social media world and not for people who are already pros at it. It’s funny because after reading this book, I went online to see what people thought of it and some of the people who were professionals at social media marketing read it anyway and gave it a low rate because it was so basic.

The whole point of this book was to teach beginners what they need to start with in the social media world as well as guiding them a long the way.

The book is divided by the days of the week:

Sunday. On this day, Nick introduced the concept of social media. He talked about what social media and what social media marketing are, and why it’s important. Tips and pitfalls were also shared on this day.

Monday‘s lessons were focused on case studies of big and small companies using social media marketing. It teaches us that focusing on social platforms as a strategy of a business can bring in huge revenues!

Tuesday was all about creating your own social media plan. This includes creating your goals and objectives and how to track your achievements.

On this day, I learned the 10 Steps for Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan:

  1. Determine the goal (& stick with it!)
  2. Evaluate Resources (Thoroughly)
  3. Know your audience
  4. Create amazing content (Be creative and unique)
  5. Integrate your marketing efforts (platforms need to work together)
  6. Create a schedule (prepare enough time to spend on each platform)
  7. Remember the 80/20 rule ( 80 percent of your time should be consumed on activities that are not self-promoting and no more than 20 should be spent on self-promotion)
  8. Prioritize quality over quantity (don’t flood your viewers or followers with useless feeds. In social media marketing, less is more)
  9. Let your audience feel in control (your audience need to feel that they have a connection with you and that they’re the most important thing to you)
  10. Keep learning about your customers (who your audience is today may not be the same ones years ago, that’s why it’s important to adjust to connect better with your consumers and sell your products!)

Wednesday teaches the readers to set up 4 different social platform accounts: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Thursday continues to introduce more social media platforms like Instagram,StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Google+ and Youtube.

Friday was about delivering quality content to your viewers. On this day, I learned it’s important to curate your content to your viewers. This means that it’s essential to add your unique personal style with your contents and embellish it to make it seem like it’s a totally new and valuable content for your audience.

Saturday was about how to monitor and measure your social media programme. On this day, Nick also mentioned and Hub Spot to help see what is being said to you from everywhere you are involved from one screen which I thought was very useful if you’re using a lot of social media platforms.

Overall, I enjoyed reading this book! Nick Smith had a fun style of teaching the topic that won’t bore you to sleep. There was a good amount of helpful tips and lessons that were mentioned. Also, what I like about this book is that in every end of the day’s lesson, there’s a mini quiz  to see what you’ve learned from the chapter. I would definitely recommend this to people who are new to social media marketing and small businesses to help gain more consumers and earn more revenue. I wouldn’t recommend it to people who knows what they’re doing with their social media marketing, it would just bore them.

I also found this awesome quick tip from Pinterest of when to post on your social media and how frequent is advised and more:



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